The cloud platform for digital currencies

CloudShip combines ease of use, innovative services, reliability and security to provide you the most exciting crypto-experience you have ever tried

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Web Wallets

Send and receive your money with ease from the web or directly from your mobile device

Cloud Staking

Earn money with no hassles by staking on our servers, tech things are in our hands


Buy and sell altcoins in few clicks and cash out your staking automatically


Our infrastructure uses latest technologies, ensuring reliability and security


Free cash flows

No fees are applied on deposits and withdrawals, leaving you to freely use your coins

Shared fees

5% of fees are applied on staking. The fee amount is shared among all particpants, thus decreasing incidence on the single one

Efficient staking

Take advantage of our always-running wallets and our proprietary scripts designed to take out the most from the staking process


Our system is designed to run on top of the blockchain, everything is publicly visible so you don't need faith to trust us

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